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Dr. Sherry Bainbridge

Dr. Sherry Bainbridge, a multi-talented individual whose diverse expertise, experience, and extensive knowledge have made a significant impact in the realms of holistic health, spirituality, and personal development. Sherry has a remarkable background as a three-time author, holistic health doctor, hypnotherapist, intuitive, producer, Reiki master, and spiritual teacher. Dr. Bainbridge has dedicated her life to empowering others on their journey toward well-being and self-discovery.

Dr. Bainbridge is insightful, practical, and wise. She brings a unique and integrative approach to health, healing and world understanding by combining eastern, tribal and western healing and spiritual philosophies that include every aspect of a person’s life. Her commitment to in-depth educating, guiding, and being a beacon of inspiration unlocks personal hidden potentials and rapid transformation for those seeking a harmonious and enriched life. Sherry is the owner of Holistic Collaboration and The Looking Veil podcast.

Dr. Sherry Bainbridge

Wholistic Living


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