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Visible Potential - Seeing their potential is the first step to success. Certified John Maxwell leadership training, speaking and coaching. Build your business with trust, respect and communication

I grew up in restaurants and bars, my mom was either the waitress, bartender, chef, or owner and as far as I can remember she seemed to love every bit of it, I never heard a negative word about her employees or saw the frustration after she arrived home.

However, as I entered the workforce, I found that most people don’t even like their job. It didn't matter if it was in a restaurant, fast-food joint, retail, or fortune 500 corporate financial company, too many people were not happy in their position.

Over the past 20 years, I have studied, observed, and experienced all levels of leadership (parenting) and communication. Command and control will not get the desired results.


Whole-hearted leadership is about adding value to others and helping people to reach their most incredible heights. It is about listening and having tough conversations to help them grow and stretch to their greatest potential...


Great leaders all have one thing in common: the desire to grow people. My passion and my mission are to help grow 1 million young adults into great leaders. That mission starts with YOU!

Working Together


I envision a world where every business owner and manager enjoys their job. They have embraced the journey they have been on, exhibit empathy for those who are growing and learning, and they are embracing the value of whole-hearted leadership. 

YOU as business owners and managers have the influence to teach our young adults the values they will need to be successful in their lives. 


My goal is to teach business owners how grow amazing teams and become mentors and role-models for the next generations. 

Visible Potential offers a variety of programs and services that will help you grow yourself and your team.


Whether you need help with communicating, developing a plan, or just want to gain more knowledge in communication, and whole-hearted leadership Visible Potential is here for you.


I offer both in-person and online sessions.

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