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Laurie Kroeger

Visible Potential - Seeing your potential is the first step to success. Certified John Maxwell leadership training, speaking and coaching. Build your business and your relationships with trust, respect and communication.

I struggled with relationships most of my life. I realized I lacked real communication skills. I attracted the same. I imersed myself into extensive self-education. It took getting very real with myself and developing healthy boundaries and effective communication skills. In the depths of my struggle with self-doubt and intense pain, I decided that I would do whatever I needed to rise above it and help others not to have go through what I did.​

I learned that to get through anything you need to see the potential in everything. I have been acused of wearing "rose colored glasses" many times, I have been called naive or gullible more than once. I have learned through the years of pain, heartache, mistake after mistake that life is what you make it. I choose to see the positive side of life. I have made the choice to see the good in things.

This workshop was created to provide a time where you both can focus on your unique communication styles and strengths so that you can move enjoy a deeper more meaningful partnership. You will learn each others inherent strengths, motivations, challenges, and also solutions to enhance your relationship. When we honor these values in our relationships, we create culture of mutual respect, understanding, and connection!

Laurie Kroeger

ReDISCover Each Other


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